“Ann’s work with my body (and me) has been gentle and intense. She works with focus as she explores the functioning of my body, releasing tension, and maximizing its usefulness for me. In dealing with me she insists that I take note of the function, do my exercises, and ever be mindful of my habits. This has given me hope that I can live well within my body for some time, so long as I am doing ‘my work’. I like that she expects me to be a full partner in my health plan.” —  Duluth client

“I have greatly benefitted from Ann’s classes. The classes have helped me in many areas of my body including my neck & shoulder area, hip area, lower back. The micromovements are designed so that people of many abilities are able to participate.” — Duluth client

“Finding Ann was a miracle. I liked my chiropractor. I tried yoga. I went to a free introductory class with Ann and knew I had found the answer. The lessons work. They are easy to do and gentle. After so many years of working out, it was a surprise to use small gentle movements and to not go for the burn. After lessons with Ann, I feel like I am walking on air.” —  Duluth client

“As a 70-year-old with scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and osteoarthritis, the last eight years of work with Ann Frett have kept me mobile and pain free. My class work and individual sessions in addition to my daily cardio exercises, strength training, and floor exercises have kept me limber and able to do the garden work and other activities that I love. She is a healer.” — Duluth client

“I first heard about Feldenkrais from a friend in New York City, who swore by it as a miraculous healing method.  When I discovered that Ann Frett offered this remarkable technique, I decided to try it and I found new hope.  We worked together in private sessions most often and it was astonishing how frequently I came in with pain and left relieved and stronger.  I took numerous exercises home and they keep me limber and strong even though Ann has moved her practice to the Twin Cities.  I shall always look to Ann’s particular approach to Feldenkrais when the pains flare up or when I feel the need for a tune-up.  Feldenkrais heals in a gentle, specific way that lasts.”                    — Duluth client

“Ann’s work with me brought me to a place where I can live freely in my body!  I came to Ann merely to recover from a back surgery and I have a new sustained freedom and intuitive confidence in my body’s ability to sync it’s moves fluidly.  I now delight in the experience of my body in motion.” — Duluth client

“After having worked with Ann for 6 weeks, I’ve noted a very distinct difference in my walking and posture, which has brought back quite a bit of my balance.  I never thought I’d be able to have my balance back again.  Having worked with Ann for a short period of time, I’ve found it possible to recover and get back my balance.”                               — Golden Valley client

“I can’t believe how Ann helped me in such a short period of time!” — Minneapolis client

“I feel great and am not having any knee or hip pain, not withstanding a lot of yard work over the past week.  The results have been pleasantly surprising and really a relief!”     — Minneapolis client

“After I was involved in a car accident, traditional physical therapy gave me limited relief from my back pain.  I sought care from a pain clinic, where the specialists told me that I should not expect significant improvement.  When a friend told me about how the Feldenkrais method helped him with his pain, I reached out to Ann.  I’m so glad that I did, because I’ve been staying active and pain free after working with her.  I recently did a 6 mile hike with a 2200 foot elevation gain.  Our work with posture and optimizing habitual movements has made all the difference for me.” ~ Minneapolis client

“I’ve benefitted from Ann’s calming presence, affirmations, outcomes of less pain, and awareness of my body mechanics and posture.”